Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Mars Recycling Technology is a Mix Plastics waste recycling management company that specialises in sorting of post-consumer Mixed Plastics waste i.e PET Bottles Containers, HDPE Bottles Containers, PP Bottles Containers, PS Bottles, PVC Bottles, Plastics Films and also post Industrial plastics waste. Our aim is to provide a total waste management service to our customers, which may include collection, sorting, washing, shredding, recycling, and disposal of all waste generated. The Mars Recycling Technology and its parent company recognises that quality is the responsibility of every employee extending from the Board of Directors. It is the duty of all employees to ensure that our products and services meet the quality criteria set by the Company.

The Mars Recycling Technology and its parent Company supports a culture that values the highest quality performance from every employee and every function with the objective of building in quality. The Mars Recycling Technology and its parent Company aims to support these commitments by the use of a Quality Management System which will be reviewed to assess its effectiveness and opportunities for improvement by; establishing a PAS 99 which covers Quality Management System which conforms to ISO 9001, Environment Management System 14001 Health and Safety Management System 18001.

Mars Recycling Technology and its parent company are committed to establish and maintain long term customer relationships. We will enhance the value of our customers’ products to end consumers. This we will do by anticipating market needs and by the products Development, Technical  Guidance, Efficient   Manufacturing and Timely Delivery of Reliable and internationally acceptable packaging products which meet customers’ requirements.

To facilitate this, we will faster teamwork, encourage innovation and learning among ourselves. Working with customers to ensure that our products and services fully meet their requirements and expectations. Continually improving customer satisfaction. Development of people, and ensuring that all employees are suitably trained and resourced Quality is ensured at our fully equipped Laboratory by rigorous Process Control, Testing, and Inspection before dispatch. Mars believes that the highest achievement comes from satisfying its customers. Quality Assurance – A Mars Commitment, How the   system works,  Pre-Order Execution, During Order Execution, Post Order Execution  

Mr. Anoop Kumar Jain,
Mars Recycling Technology;
Mars Flexible Packaging Europe Limited;